Eukaryotic Plant Cell Diagram

by Dylan Laredo

I would like to thank my dad, Steve Laredo, for all of his help with this project. He's the best person I know. And the best looking.

Step 1

Make a cake. I made mine a rectangle because a lot of plant cells have pretty simple shapes, and because all plant cells have walls. I chose chocolate because chocolate.

Step 2

Ice the top of the cake in a single color. I chose green icing because this was supposed to be a plant cell. This icing is the cytoplasm that fills the inside of the cell.

Step 3

Ice the edge of the cake with a different shade of icing. This is the cell wall. I chose dark green, because it's supposed to be a plant cell.

Step 4

Make a very thin divider between the cell wall area and the rest of the cell. This is the cell membrane that surrounds everything inside the cell. I made mine with a line of yellow icing and a row of chocolate chips. Because chocolate.

Step 5

Add something big and roundish to be the cell's nucleus. It should stick out from the flat top of the cake a bit to show that it's pretty big and important. I used half a whoopie pie because it was a good size and shape. Also because chocolate.

Step 6

Add a smaller, ball-shaped object squeezed inside the nucleus. It should be kind of smushed into the nucleus and sticking out of it a bit. This will be the nucleolus, which is a bundle of stuff inside the nucleus.

Step 7

Use some thin icing to draw a line surrounding the nucleus. This is supposed to show the nuclear envelope which is also called the nuclear membrane. It's like the cell membrane but just for the nucleus.

Step 8

Add a small group of something long and tube-like to be the Golgi Apparatus. These are long and stringy. I used these red candy rope things for their shape and size.

Step 9

Add some small clusters of objects to be the mitochondria. These look like bunches of little rods in real cells. I used some yellow and red candies surrounded by lines of icing.

Step 10

Add some strands of something long and thin near the nucleus. This is the endoplasmic reticulum, which is near the nucleus in real cells. I used these rainbow-striped candy pieces for the ER.

Step 11

Add pairs of small candies to be the ribosomes. (I used green Skittles.) Add some scattered single candies to be the lysosomes. (Orange Skittles.)

Step 12

Use some larger candies in a bunch to be the Vacuole, which takes up a pretty big part of the space in a real plant cell. I used these orange & pink Mentos.

Step 13

Use groups of green candies surrounded by a thin border to show the chloroplasts, which are green and have rods in them in the real cells.

That's It!
A cake & candy model of a eukaryotic plant cell.

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