All I wanted was...

my dog

a home to myself

a best friend

make my own decisions

to stand up for myself

But I didn't want...

to take orders

someone who doesn't care

a miserable job

people who don't help

someone to kill my dog

How the character develops

Candy at first was a happy old man because he had his dog, but after his dog was killed he became lonely. After hearing Lennie talk about getting a farm with rabbits he got his hopes up. Right after Lennie was killed he knew it wouldn't happen and probably became sad again like when he lost his dog

Character interactions

Candy treats George nicely because he is interested on his plan to get a farm.

He treat slennie with respect when theyre planning out the farm

When candy goes into crooks home he is awkward but is not insulting him

Candy adds to the theme because he is a really nice person who actually cares about life. If you compare him to the others on the ranch you can see how mean they are.

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