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Campus History And Origin

The Texas Baptist Education Society then petitioned the Congress of the Republic of Texas to charter a Baptist university in the fall of 1844. Republic President Anson Jones signed the Act of Congress on Feb. 1, 1845, officially establishing Baylor University. REVEREND JAMES HUCKINS, the first Baptist missionary to Texas, was Baylor's first full-time fundraiser and the third founding father of the university. Although these three men are credited as being the founders of Baylor University, there are many others who worked to see our university established in Texas.

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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

At a minimum, applicants should have each of the following to be considered for the Program. In some cases waivers may be available. Speak to a healthcare recruiter about this possibility.

  • A signed DPD verification statement from the Program Director of a Didactic Program in Dietetics.
  • A combined GRE (Graduate Record Exam) score of at least 297 with a 148 in Verbal and a 149 in Quanitative (new scoring system) or at least 1000 (old scoring system) in the verbal and quantitative portions, and a minimum GRE analytical writing score of 3.5.
  • An overall minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Meet medical and physical fitness standards.
  • A favorable security investigation completed.
  • Meet service specific age requirements.

Evaluation Criteria

Candidates's applications are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate academic performance
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Demonstrated interest in military service
  • Leadership potential
  • Experience in foodservice and/or dietetics
  • GRE scores
  • Telephonic interview

Cost and Tuition



Required Fees


Room and Board**


Total (fall and spring)***


Campus Life

Baylor is very welcoming to their new students every year. They try to make their freshmen as comfortable as possible. They separate the different grades and the different genders. For freshmen their is different halls to house in.  It is also mandatory to live on campus freshmen year.

Degree Plan

Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology (B.S.)

36 credits (21 advanced – 3000 level or above), including:

1. PSYC 1301, Introduction to Psychology

2. PSYC 1303, Undergraduate Statistical Methods

3. PSYC 3201 & 3101, General Experimental Psychology & lab

4. PSYC 4317, Advanced Statistics

5-7. Three (3) of the following five (5):

PSYC 3320, Learning and Memory

PSYC 3330, Sensation and Perception

PSYC 3348, Cognitive Psychology

PSYC 4309, History and Systems of Psychology

PSYC 4324, Psychobiology

8. (additional advanced PSYC course, 3 credits)

9. (additional advanced PSYC course, 3 credits)

10. (additional PSYC course at any level, 3 credits)

11. (additional PSYC course at any level, 3 credits)

12. (additional PSYC course at any level, 3 credits)


In the future, I would love to pursue the career of a child psychiatrist. I love working with children. Child psychiatrists diagnose and treat children with mental illnesses, which can be both rewarding and challenging. They also have the ability to administer medication or hospitalize patients to better understand and treat their conditions. As of May 2013, psychiatrists made an average annual salary of over $179,000. In order to become a psychiatrist you need four years of undergraduate studies, and complete four years of medical school and anywhere from three to eight years in a residency or internship program. Through your postgraduate training, you'll work with children and teens, putting your medical school lessons to the test in a real-world environment.

Cover Letter For An Internship

Mrs. Romero
Main Street
12321 Wrong Rd.

Dear Mrs. Romero,

I am interested in applying for a the internship. I am currently enrolled at Baylor University getting my Bachelors in Psychology. I am hoping to pursue the career of a children psychiatrist. I enjoy working with children and I like to help find the care they need.  

I would be the perfect candidate for this internship with working with children. I have plenty experience with working with children. I have done community service at a runaway house and an orphanage. At both these places I helped children and teens get the help they need. I have good patience with kids, and i know how to handle them.

This internship will just help me get more experience for my career. I believe children need guidance and I would just like to help those in need of guidance. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at anytime at 929-2929.



Brianna Contreras
12343 State Street
El Paso, TX 30932

Letter Of Recommendation

To whom it may concern:

It is without a doubt that I write this letter of recommendation to Brianna Contreras, for the possibility of admission to Baylor University. Ms. Contreras has been my student for three years, and I highly believe she deserves the opportunity to attend to Baylor University. She is an amazing leader within the community and in the school grounds.

Ms. Contreras has stunning communication skills, while she is intelligent and organized. As well as giving voluntarily help to the community. She does an astonishing job with all the work and assignments I give her in my class. Ms. Contreras is beyond ready for the curriculum standards at Baylor University. She is the current president of the National Honor Society, with her great leadership skills.

With no doubt in my mind, i am positive that Brianna Contreras deserves to be accepted at Baylor University. If you would like to discuss, Ms. Contreras any further, please contact me at , or via phone: (915)-999-9999



I graduated from Baylor University with my Bachelor’s in psychology and I am currently enrolled in Baylor University to get my Masters in psychology, and I planning Ph.D. in psychiatry. I believe I am the best candidate for this internship. In the future I would love to pursue the career of a children’s psychiatrist.


In high school I was in programs that would interact with children. I have many years of experience with babysitting. I had many responsibilities with the children I took care of.

In college, I had a job for the first two years I was a counselor at a community runaway program. I would counsel and help kids and teenagers. I have a lot of patience and vey caring to the children

The last two years of collge, I had a job at the local orphanage, which I would help children, and I would interact with them. At this orphanage we did not want them to feel alone so we tried our best to make them feel comfortable. My job was to play with kids and be there for them..


I have my high school diploma. I graduated 2018 from Pebble Hills High School, which is located in El Paso, Texas.

I am currently enrolled in Baylor University, which I am getting my bachelors degree in psychology.


Some of my skills include leadership, trust worthy, and great communication skills. I work great with others and is always willing for new challenges and opportunities.  I am very hard-working and have set many goals that I plan to achieve. I am very self-motivated and self-driven.

Persuasive Essay

           School has always been a priority of mine, I did start school at the age of four. I believe education is key to success. I have always been a self-driven and determined person. I believe I am the best candidate for this scholarship because I have goals I want to achieve, and I believe I am the most hard-working student at Pebble Hills High School.

My mom always told me that you never deserve anything in life, you always have to earn it. I see my future being bright, because of the goals I have set for myself. I was raised to have dreams that scare me because of how big they are. Some of my dreams and goals are to graduate high school top ten percent. I would also like to be admitted into Baylor University where I am hoping to get my Bachelors and Masters degrees in psychology, and then I plan to attend Baylor College of Medicine and receive my Ph.D in psychiatry. This has been my dream for several years. I was not the average freshmen who dreamed to become a professional athlete or to become an actress, but rather to dream about finishing high school, then to attend another twelve years of college. I know I can achieve these goals but this scholarship can help me finically.

I am not going to say that I deserve this scholarship but I believe have earned it. High school I was very determined to get straight A’s, which I did. I took many rigorous courses, this sometimes meant that I would have to stay home to study or to do homework. Some of my classmates would question my reasoning, but I knew I was doing the right thing by putting school first. I knew that it would not be easy, but it would be worth it. Just like my attitude in high school, it will remain for college. I am always ready for new challenges and opportunities, no matter how big or small, I am prepared to work hard.

I am the best candidate for this scholarship. I would be very appreciative to receive the scholarship. It would get me one step closer to achieving my goals.

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