Jenny & Darrian's Tropical Rain Forest Biome

  Learn all you need to know about tropical forests!

The Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, South America all include rain forests in their areas. This is because rain forests are only found near the equator, where there is a perfect humid climate for the rain forests.

The rain forests get at least 65 inches a year and it remains close to 80 degrees Fahrenheit year round. It also has very high humidity.

Nice and humid climate, perfect for rain forests

Animals & Their Adaptions
Some animals that reside in the rain forest include toucans, tigers, pangolins, anacondas, and insects such as ants, termites, and beetles.

The tiger's diet consists of almost any living organism in the forest. Not picky eater = more food variety.
The pangolin has huge claws that it uses to dig into anthills and termite mounds
The Toucan use their large beaks to pluck & peel a variety of fruits, their main food source.

Plants & Their Adaptions
Some plants that use the rain forest as their habitat include the Rafflesia flower, Bromeliads, and Orchids.

The Rafflesia flower has a smell and appearance of rotting flesh which attracts insects to pollinate them.
The Bromeliads are effective epophytes, plants that grow harmless on other plants, so they are able to grow without soil
Orchids adapted over hundreds of years to both thrive on soil alone or survive on only air and water.

Negative Impact Made By Humans
Tropical rain forests are known to have valuable trees, as much as $100k a tree, in them, such as the Big-leaf Mahogany tree. Lumberjacks have unfortunately been cutting down these trees.

Big-leaf Mahogany trees

Postive Impact Made By Humans
TedxCern speaker Topher White has started a campaign where old cell phones are used to alert people near when a tree is being chopped down in the forest, so they can stop the cutting before it happens.

White seen setting up a recycled cell phone on a tree.

Activity Time!
anaconda - frogs
monkey - bamboo
beetle - fruits
parrot - banana tree

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Two cute monkeys sitting in a tree

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