Jeremy Tarr

Los Angeles Author and Online Content Manager Jeremy Tarr

About Jeremy Tarr

A lauded author, Jeremy Tarr published (S)mythology in 2011. Fashioned as a contemporary fairytale, Jeremy Tarr’s book takes readers on a fantastic adventure around the world with stops in locations as diverse as African villages and haunted islands. The novel walks a careful line between comedy and tragedy with enough humor to keep the reader chuckling while also contemplating the deeper issues at play in the work. At present, he is working on his second book.

Professionally, Jeremy Tarr serves as a content manager with a global online publisher. In this position, he edits content that reaches more than 10 million readers each month on topics ranging from travel to real estate. He holds responsibility for growing and maintaining a dedicated staff of editors. Prior to taking this position, he functioned as the editor-in-chief at Fifty100, a social music distribution network in Los Angeles. Mr. Tarr also worked as an editor at LA2DAY and eventually earned a promotion to editor-in-chief due to his diligence and dedication to the position.                            

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