NateHallinanArt. Minotaur character concept. This is a picture of the minotaur. [http://natehallinanart.deviantart.com/art/Minotaur-Character-Concept-125526448g]

Description: The Minotaur is a very large cow like beast. He has two large horns and a long flowing main. He has long claws and a ring through his nose. The minotaur has an arched back and has hooves on his back legs. His eyes glow and he has very muscular and developed arms.

Caution: The minotaur has a very developed sense of smell. His fearing is very strong as well. He is very strong and overwhelming and can kill just about any one because of how strong he is.

Crimes: The minotaur as killed many young men and women over his life. He eats their bodies for food and does not hesitate to kill any one.

weakness: The minotaurs only real weakness is to kill it in its sleep because it is almost impossible to get close enough when it is awake because it will be ripping you apart.

Last seen: The minotaur was last seen in the labyrinth.

Reward: If you kill the minotaur you will be rewarded with 500,000 pounds of gold.

Update: Theseus has killed the minotaur and there is now no need for anyone else to go and find it and kill it.

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