Don't be a jerk in the 7th grade

By- Anonymous

Being a jerk in the 7th grade or any, grade will probably feel good for a day but, after that day, it would just scar you for the rest of your life.

Imagine all the things that could happen if you bully/be a jerk--- they can fight back with stronger people even if you do apologize;  they can tell an adult who has the  power to really make your life miserable; it can backfire when you're trying to apply for college, a job, or a club; etc.

All this can happen just for being a jerk for a really short period of time. Even if you do apologize, what you do, will always be remembered by the people you did it to. It's not easy to forgive people after you did such an unforgivable act. Even if the victim forgives you, it will always be a permanent mark that can never be erased since we can't change the past. What's done, remains that way.

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