Jerry A Jacobs of Miami, Florida - Tips for Making Smart Investments

Jerry A Jacobs has helped a lot of people in Miami, Florida take their first steps into the investment market, which means he has a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in such a competitive area. The following tips should help people who are struggling to choose the right investment for them.

Go With What You Know

If you choose to invest in something that you have no experience in, you’re going to quickly find that your lack of knowledge becomes a barrier to success. You will need to spend time educating yourself, which delays the decisions that you make. By choosing an area where you already have experience for your first investments, you can make wiser choices much more efficiently.

Do Research

One of the tricks to investing is being able to spot an emerging opportunity before it has reached its potential, allowing you to get in early in order to reap the benefits later on. As such, be diligent in your research and keep a close eye on any new projects in your area. If all of the pieces align, you may find yourself making an investment that reaps returns for years to come.

Speak to Professionals

Investing is not as simple as those two tips make it sound, which is why Jerry A Jacobs Miami Florida always advises people to speak to a financial professional before making their first move. He has helped many people in Miami, Florida get their start in investment, advising them on good opportunities in addition to ensuring they are financially able to handle the investment.

How to Protect Your Investments

If you’ve been to see a professional financial planner, you’ve joined the millions of Americans who have sought professional help planning their financial futures and finding smart investments for the hard-earned money. Finding a professional to help you sort through all of your financial issues is the first step to creating the future you have always dreamed of, whether that future includes a family, a car, a house or just an extended vacation, finding reliable professional help is a great way to start. However, just putting your money in someone else’s hands is not enough. In order to get the most value out of your financial planner’s advice, and the money you’re laying down for that advice, you have to earn some financial experience of your own.

Try to do as much research on the kinds of investment options that your financial planner wants to try to get you better investment returns. See if you can figure out what he or she will tell you before the say it. This is an almost impossible goal, of course, but learning as much about investments and how finances work in general will only help you and your financial advisor create the best investment plan possible.

Jerry A. Jacobs of Miami, Florida is one of those financial advisors who will guide you every step of the way to an excellent investment portfolio and help you create the best investment strategies you’ll find. He loves it when his customers are engaged in their own finances.

Smart Investing: Asset Allocation

Investment is all about mitigating risk and maximizing the potential for large returns. Your mix of investments in your portfolio is called your asset allocation. In a smart, diverse portfolio, your asset allocation should be a mix of investments in markets and industries, savings, and income. Your asset allocation should show a diverse set of investments from all over the map. This mitigates the risk of any one investment. Ideally, some of your assets should be coming from consistent income and your savings that you have been building for many years, hopefully.

All financial advisors will tell you to diversify your portfolio any way you can. You asset allocation should show many different avenues of income and investments so that you will be able to build up your savings for retirement or for that new house or car. Many people save money and invest to come up with that magic sum that will allow them to retire or get their family a good house or vehicle. Financial advisors can help you diversify your portfolio to keep money coming in from multiple accounts and investments at the same time. Your investments should be able to support you for all of your future dreams with smart asset allocation.

Jerry A. Jacobs of Miami, Florida is a professional financial advisor and planner. He has worked with many different clients, both individuals and businesses in the Miami area. Jacobs prides himself on building portfolios for clients in a smart and professional manner. He hopes to continue his work for many more years.

How to Find Safe Investments in the Stock Market

There is no end-all, be-all advice to winning in the stock market. If there was, everyone would be buying up stock and the system would collapse. There are ways to maximize your returns without taking too many risks, however. Investment is all about risk, and there is risk in any kind of investment you make, no matter how safe it looks. If you want to make advanced returns on your investment, you have to accept a certain level of risk.

One trick to making stocks work for you with little risk is to avoid taking single stocks and purchase index funds instead. Index funds own entire markets, including foreign markets, allowing you to collect all of the dividends from a market with little of the risk attached to owning even high performing individual stocks. Individual stocks can call in value without warning (ask GM), but index funds usually give you an opportunity to get out if the markets are souring.

Bonds are another wise investment. Although they may not pay as much as stocks typically, they are usually safer if you buy them using index funds as well. They will give you pretty high returns without the usual risk. Right now, investors are advising their clients to invest in gold as well. Don’t go crazy for bullion, get enough to counterbalance your holdings in stocks and bonds.

Investing is complicated, but experts like Jerry A Jacobs Miami Florida can help you find the best investments for your needs.

Jerry A. Jacobs of Miami, Florida – Three Ways Everybody Can Give Back to Their Community

Jerry A. Jacobs is a professional in the financial services industry in Miami, Florida. He was born and raised in Miami and returned to him his hometown after he graduated from Florida State University. He has seen much success in the financial services industry and looks for ways to give back to the community that gave him so much as a child and has continued to give back to him as an adult. Here are three easy ways to give back to a community.

Shopping at locally owned businesses is one of the best ways anyone can contribute to their community. Shopping at local communities directly benefits the local economy, keeps money within the community, and allows more people to be employed in the area, thus allowing for more people to spend money in their community.

Attending local festivals, markets, and other events in the community is a good way to give back to the community. Many of these community events are free and are actually fundraisers for local charities. These events make money off of sponsorships, money that goes directly to the cause for the fundraiser. The more people who attend these events, the more sponsorships will be willing to give.

Many schools, community centers, and religious congregations collect canned food, toys, clothing, and other items for charities and families in need who live in the community. Donating to these items is a great way to give back to the community. It easy to do and often items donated can be better used by others than the owners.

Jerry. A Jacobs is active in his Miami, Florida community and especially enjoys helping charity organizations that work with children.

Jerry A. Jacobs – Three Tips for Choosing an IRA Provider

Jerry A Jacobs Miami Florida is an Executive Vice President of a financial services company in Miami, Florida. He was born and raised in Miami and returned to his hometown after graduating from Florida State University. His company provides a host of financial services to business and individuals, including help with Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s). Here are three tips for choosing the right IRA provider.

  • Some IRA providers charge their customers a fee for having an account with them. This fee varies by provider and is usually between $25 to $50 per year. Depending on the size of a person's balance, this can be a fairly cheap fee or quite a costly fee. Usually, though, the fee will depend on the size of an account. There may also be additional transaction fees depending on the provider.
  • An IRA should be treated as part of a person’s overall investment portfolio because this helps people understand exactly where they are in terms of the amount saved for retirement and what their retirement saving goals are. Another reason that IRA’s should be considered as part of a person’s overall investment portfolio is because money is spent is spent to set up this kind of account.
  • It is important to make sure that an IRA provider is the right fit for the type of investments that are planned to be made or are being made. The trading fees that they may charge will play a part in this. For example, if a provider offers a free type of trading transaction that is planned on being used, this provider will be a good fit because no money will have to spent on a transaction fee.

Jerry A. Jacobs specializes in helping business and individuals with their investments and setting up saving plans, income plans, and trading plans.

Jerry A. Jacobs is a professional in the financial services industry in Miami, Florida. He has over 30 years of experience in the industry and is an Executive Vice President of a financial services company in Miami. He was born and raised in Miami and returned to his hometown to pursue a career in financial services. His experience has taught him that financial services companies need to take more advantage of social media. Here are three social media tips for financial service companies.

  • It is first important to establish a goal and a set of objectives for the use of social media. Financial services companies need to decide if they would use social media to improve customer service, as a way to build up brand awareness, or as a way to increase sales numbers through offers exclusively made online. The type of services that a company offers will usually dictate the way social media is used.
  • It is important that the top of the company’s brass is the ones dictating the voice and tone of the company’s social media accounts. The SEC has set up certain regulations regarding how financial services companies can use social media, which is why many companies have their top brass involved and is also why social media teams are micro-segmented so that each team handles a specific issue.
  • People often dislike financial services companies simply because they are in the financial services industry. Social media departments need to be aware of more often than not the unjust perception that customers have of financial institutions. It is, therefore, important that social media messages are delivered with an awareness of why financial companies are disliked. Essentially, social media should be used to show customers how the company's values are similar to the customers.

Jerry A. Jacobs specializes in providing businesses and individuals help with their investments, and establishing savings plans, income plans, and trading plans.

Jerry A. Jacobs of Miami, Florida – Three Social Media Tips for Financial Services Companies

Jerry A. Jacobs of Miami, Florida – Three Ways to Make Sure Donations are Properly Used

Jerry A. Jacobs is a professional in the financial services industry in Miami, Florida. He was born and raised in Miami and has experienced much success in his professional career. He is appreciative of the success that his hometown has given him, which is why he is a regular donor of children's charities in Miami, as well as a participant of fundraisers that benefit the community. Here are three ways to ensure that donations are properly used.

  • First and foremost it is important to understand what the work is that the charity does and who they are benefiting. There is no single right answer to how a charity tackles an issue they are trying to benefit. Some charities support research, others set up service centers and programs to benefit their cause. It is important to donate to an organization that works in a way that is agreeable with the donor.
  • The Internal Revenue Service has a list of all organizations that have registered themselves as charities. This is an excellent resource to use to ensure that a charity is legitimate. It is important to donate to charities that are legitimate and doing follow-up research to confirm this is recommended.
  • Lastly, donors should not be afraid to ask charities questions. Charities welcome questions and enjoy speaking to people about how they operate and who they benefit. Good questions to ask may be how are donations used? How many people were helped the year before?

Jerry A Jacobs Miami Florida is an Executive Vice President of a financial services company in Miami, Florida.

Jerry A Jacobs of Miami, Florida - Tips for Providing Customer Service

As part of his work as a financial advisor, Jerry A Jacobs Miami Florida deals directly with clients in Miami, Florida and has a duty to ensure their satisfaction with his services. This extends beyond simply doing the job, requiring solid customer service skills as well. The following tips should help those who are struggling with this aspect of their work.

Be Positive

By maintaining a positive personality, you will instantly find that customers are more receptive to your ideas. Greet them with a smile and maintain a positive outlook, even when confronting problems. Instead of bemoaning issues, help them look for solutions that will be beneficial to their business.

Be Honest

If you don’t know the answer to a question, tell the client, making sure to also inform him or her that you will find it. Trying to make your way through an answer when you clearly don’t have one will only lead to the growth of distrust in the relationship.

Never Discuss Other Clients

Your professional duty as a financial advisor is to ensure the safety and security of the information that your clients provide to you. You should never discuss this with other client, both because you will be breaking the trust of the client you’re speaking about and because it makes you appear unprofessional in front of the current client.

Communicate Clearly

Jerry A Jacobs feels it is important to communicate clearly when talking about financial information, which means ensuring you talk in a way that your clients will understand. He uses this technique with his clients in Miami, Florida, ensuring his clients don’t leave feeling baffled by the terminology he has been using.

Jerry A Jacobs - Beginner’s Tips for Golf in Miami, Florida

When he is not helping companies with their financial issues, Jerry A Jacobs can often be found on a golf course in Miami, Florida, practicing his swing and trying to improve his overall game. He encourages everybody to give the sport a try and has the following tips for beginners.

Visit a Driving Range

Instead of heading out onto the course without any experience, invest a little time in the local driving range. Here you will be able to practice your long shots, allowing you to figure out your technique along the way. Some may even have an in-house professional who can help you with areas of the game that are causing you issues.

Par 3 Courses

Also known as “Pitch and Putt” courses in some places, a good Par 3 course will allow you to develop aspects of your game before you graduate to regular courses. Use the techniques you picked up on the driving range to hit the green, before then practicing on your putting to attain a more complete game.


While you shouldn’t skimp on your equipment too much, there is also no point in buying the best of the best when you are still learning. Ensure you have all of the clubs you need, in addition to accessories like tees, golf balls and a good pair of gloves.


Once all of this is in place, Jerry A Jacobs recommends simply getting out there and practicing. Stick to Par 3 courses at first but, as you become more confident in your technique, try graduating to full size courses in Miami, Florida.

Having been a resident of Miami, Florida for practically his entire life, Jerry A Jacobs is determined to give back to the community that has given him so much. He encourages everybody to do the same in an effort to create stronger communities.

Use Your Professional Skills

Everybody has skills that they use in their professional life. Jerry’s talents lie in numbers and financial issues, which leaves him perfectly placed to offer advice to neighbors and friends when it is needed. By helping people in the community using your professional skills, you create bonds of trust and friendship that will last for a long time.

Get Involved With Charity

Local charities often have a finger on the pulse when it comes to issues that affect your community. By becoming more socially aware, you can contribute to causes that are actively trying to do good for the local population. Not only does this give you a renewed appreciation for the people in your community, but is also offers you the chance to help those who are less fortunate find their feet and enjoy a better standard of living.

Never Forget Your Roots

For  Jerry A Jacobs Miami Florida is not simply the location of his home. Except for a stint at Florida State University, it is where he has spent practically his entire life. By working to be an active part of the community, he is constantly reminded of just how much it has provided to him. As such, this makes him more willing and able to provide the same advantages to other young members of the local community who are just starting out on their journey through life

Jerry A Jacobs - Giving Back to Miami, Florida