My Life

Name: Savannah Alexis Brown

Birthday: October 21st 1997

Family: Mother-Charlotte Kennedy

Father-Douglas Brown

Brother-Jonathon Helms

Childhood: I grew up playing about any sport that a girl can play. Soccer, softball, basketball, cheerleading, dance, volleyball. I absolutely loved animals growing up and truly enjoyed learning new things about them.

Social Life: I have just a few great friends that i trust and a boyfriend that ive been with for years now. I attend Forest Hills High School and work at McAlisters Deli.

My Future as a Hair Stylist

Schools- I plan on either attending Paul Mitchells cosmotology school or Aveda institute.

To attend either of these two schools it would cost me around $20,000 for one year. (school usually takes 1 year)

The annual salary of most hair dressers can vary from $20,000-35,000

Later on in life i also plan to open a hair salon, with that i will obtain a business degree.

I'm not sure what school I'm going to go to for the degree but I'm considering an online degree school considering i will be working.


Required Education-Certificate in cosmetology

Hairdressers cut, shape and style hair with tools, including scissors, combs, curling irons, curlers and hair driers. They also apply gel and coloring.

Hairdressers who run their own businesses also need to manage employees, order supplies and maintain billing and inventory records.

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