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Our Digital Playground

JESSE Group Exploration - Friday July 17th, 2015

Below you will find some resources from our digital playground on Friday July 17th.

Our Slides

Digital Storytelling

Together we looked at Tackk.com, Haikudeck and Storybird.com

Social Media Cafe

Stop Motion

Coding & Problem Solving

Dash, the robot

Looking for an app for stop motion? Try Stop Motion Studio or NFB's Stop Mo Studio. Check out NFB's video series for the basics of animation.


We also explored how we could use stop motion animation in math. Click here to see a patterning example, and here for a transformational geometry example.

To learn more about Dash and his friend dot, visit their website Wonder Workshop.

Green Screen

You may also like Sphero, Ozobots & Lego Mindstorms.

To learn more about Osmo, visit their website. Osmo is available through Indigo.

To download the Do Ink Green Screen app, click here: Do Ink Green Screen App from iTunes cost: $3.49

Accessing Resources

There are many resources available online to access information (CHECK BLENDSPACE HERE) but don't miss the Google Cultural Institute.

Remember to take away just 1 or 2 things.
Happy Playing!