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Book report by: Jessica

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This book is fiction and realistic fiction. I think this book is man vs. fate. There is no villain or heroes in this book. Four words I would to describe Tony is brave, determined, Persist, and creative.


  1. Anthony Madison (Tony Baloney)----main character
  2. Mohammad bin Adbul Hamad bin Jamaluddin bin al-Rashid (Mo)---Tony's friend
  3. Anna Peterson---Tony's friend (Anna Banana because she likes to eat banana sandwiches for lunch)
  4. David Letterman---Late Show host
  5. Mr. Gore or Mr.G---Teacher (some kids called him Mr.Gorilla behind his back because he kind of looked likes one. He was a linebacker for the University of Missouri)
  6. Mrs. Hernandez---Principle (some kids called her the Terminator)
  7. Mr. Madison---Tony's dad
  8. Mrs. Madison---Tony's mom
  9. Maria Madison---Tony's sister
  10. Mr. Raj--- Taxi driver (from Bombay, India)
  11. Harley Patrick Davidsun or Mr. D
  12. Luca Stankovic
  13. Dean---student (some kids call him Mean Dean, because he is kind of a bully)

Main Settings

  1. Kansas
  2. School (Riverview Elementary School)
  3. House
  4. Theater (Ed Sullivan Theater)
  5. New York City
  6. Empire State Building
  7. Airport/ Airplane
  8. Taxi

The setting is the present. The four words to describe some of the settings are busy, exciting, Fun, and big.


      This book is about fifth grader Anthony Madison also known as Tony Baloney. He cannot get enough of The Late Show with David Letterman. He will do anything to get on his show. From Kansas to get all the way to the big apple (New York City). Through letters with top 10 lists and stunt. With the help of his friends will he get there?

Summary 2

      This Book is about Tony Baloney. Tony's friends go through many stunts even at  school. He gets his foot stuck in the toilet and takes photo of his hinder.(a.k.a butt). He  gets in trouble at home and school. It drives his teacher, parents and principle crazy.The reason he is doing this is to get on the Late Show with David Letterman and he is determined to do that. Writing letters with top ten list. He goes on amazing adventures through New York City with his teacher and friends. Meeting new people, problems with birds and elevators. The airport, the taxi's, empire state building places to check off.  And you won't want to forget this adventure of determination.

Something I had noticed about the writing that they would do this; Late Show with David Letterman. Also that they would introduce every character and their nickname and what people and Tony though of that person. The book doesn't have any illustrations. But the ones on the cover of the book are cartoonish, or like a kid were drawling the picture. This book reminded me of people that are famous or others and how they worked hard it get their goal. The connection to this story is I like to work hard to get to my goal.

Top 10 List

"Dear Mr.Letterman,

I'm going to be on your show someday. I might even take over after you retire. Here's atop ten list you might want to use sometime.

                               The Top 10 Ways To Ruin The First Day Of 5th Grade

10.Wear your pajamas to school instead of your favorite jeans and T-shirt.

9. Tell the rest of the class what a dork your teacher is when he is standing behind you.

8. Notice that your fly is down ... after you've been in class for three hours.

7. Rush into the rest room, drop your pants, sit, and realize you're in the wrong rest room.

6. Sneeze and accidentally blow bugger all over your teacher's desk.

5. Fall asleep in class and dream you're using the toilet.

4. Enjoy playing with building blocks on the first day of school, only to wonder why you are a giant compared to the rest  the class.

3. Drop your lunch bag into an unflushed toilet.

2.Eat beans the night be for the first day of school.

1. Get your foot stuck in a toilet in the boys' rest room and then have to be rescued by the 911 guys.


                                                                                         Tony Baloney

P.S. #1 really happened to me. My phone number is 919-555-0942 (in case you want to invite me on your show). By the way,  I also have a big space between my two front teeth. Don't tell my parents, but I will do anything to get on your show!

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