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Jesus Salas Radio

While at XM Jesus spearheaded a successful national marketing campaign to grow the Hispanic subscriber base. Jesus accepted a national position in Washington DC with XM Satellite Radio, as Senior Program Director where he managed Latin channels Caliente (tropical), Viva (Latin pop) Aguila (Regional Mexican) and Caricia (Spanish oldies). He has a proven track record in discovering, training, cultivating and coaching successful Latin on-air personalities. Jesus also gives back to the community with volunteer work. At XM Satellite radio, Jesus even spearheaded a successful national marketing to grow the Hispanic subscriber base in the area. The success of this program was a result of well researched business strategies and tactics coupled with the hard work and ingenuity of Jesus. Without his in-depth leadership skills the campaign would not have been nearly as successful.

Jesus Salas, Radio professional started his career in radio at the age of 16, Radio as a program director, later accepted a post as senior PD with XM Satellite Radio in Washington DC. Jesus has strong leadership skills and thorough knowledge of the Latin formats, along with a very intense attention to detail, and an overall top notch work ethic. He is part of the CHAPMAN Partnership for the Homeless Outreach Committee, a business partner for Dade County Public Schools, a Member of Children Youth Life Foundation for terminally ill children and a member of the EESAC Education Excellence School Advisory Council for Juvenile Justice Public School.

Three Best Career Fields for Promotion

Finding a career isn’t a place to stay settled and live menially. A career is the beginning point, and it should accelerate and become increasingly fruitful the longer that you maintain that occupation. Unfortunately, many careers have been created with no chance for advancement, leaving hard working men and women stuck in the same job and at the same pay for the rest of their lives. Take this chance to look at some of the more fruitful careers to pursue.

1. Logistics Industry- This new industry is teeming with new information and different positions that are being added every day. Logistics is the strategic management of supply chain operations in businesses. With this being a new field of businesses, there is much to be looked at, and much to be expanded for those who take a career here!

2. Software Development- Not much is known about this particular part of business operations, and CEO’s and business owners will pay a lot of money to ensure that the company has knowledge of what is new. Being a software developer is a kind of magic, and it enables you to move through fast promotion ladders.

3. Radio Broadcasting- This industry has a variety of needs and positions that need to be filled, and a lot of different branches of management are involved. There is so much opportunity for this field, that some make it to the very top. Jesus Salas Radio started as a radio broadcaster at 16, and 23 years later become the Executive Vice President of Programming for a national broadcasting company.

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