JET - Johnston Ed Talk
August 6, 2014
West Campus Conference Center
Opening Session at 8:30 am

a participant-driven professional development that can have a lasting impact on the learning of all who attend.

Reasons to come!

3 - Attendees - this event appeals to educators from all walks of life. It's not just teachers, or just administrators or just Digital Learning Coaches that attend. It's a diverse group with a diverse background that will make this event a great one!

2 - Sessions -the setting is more conducive to conversation rather than the lecture. In fact, lecture is discouraged at this event. The diversity of the attendees lends itself to a diversity of sessions proposed which helps push the learning of everyone there.

1 - Collaboration -Once the sessions were decided on, docs will be set up so that during each session participants could add notes, so all of us will have takeaways. Again, its the wisdom of the crowd. If you can't watch the notes in real time, you will have them afterwards.

BLAST OFF to create CHANGE for the coming year!

We may even be discussing things like.... Student Center Learning, Maximizing our resources, What do we do with all this data?, PLC vs. PLN, Meeting teacher Needs, the possibilities are endless!

Still Unsure? Watch this video.

What are you waiting for?