Unicity Combats Diabetes in India

With India being a world leader in Diabetes and Heart Disease, Unicity's Bios Life Slim and Bios Life D have already received a huge welcome.

Our March 4 - 11, 2011 Pre-Launch meetings were attended by thousands of people. The overwhelming response was that these products are timely -- and our compensation structure is very lucrative.

As we expand into India, we will "Make Life Better" for thousands from both a health and financial perspective ... even creating / expanding family legacies.

To get more information on how you can participate, review the "Important Details" section below and contact me immediately:

Francis A. Fernandes.  franzickf@gmail.com

To join or purchase at distributor price visit www.unicity.com

you will need Enroller  Id to join.

Enroller Id: 193929301 , then click verify.

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