Sophomore English 2015-2016

Kim Sanderford
Room 705
816.736.5340, Ext. 2808

Mission Statement

The mission of Liberty High School is to create opportunities for all to pursue their potential and positively influence society.  LHS is committed to continuous improvement.    LHS's beliefs are C.L.E.A.R:  Community defines our culture, Learning is our passion, Empowerment inspires our growth, Accountability guides our actions, and Respectful relationships form our foundation.

Course Materials

McDougal and Littell, The Language of Literature

Various texts, handouts, and novels

Students need to bring paper, writing utensil, mac computer and ear buds daily

Course Description and Activities

CAII, or Sophomore English, is a course designed for students to develop all communication skills, thinking, listening, speaking, reading, viewing and writing.  During the year, students will be exposed to all aspects of communication arts to include:  grammar, composition, fiction and nonfiction literature (short stories, drama, poetry and novels), research papers, group projects, speeches, computer assignments, journaling, and other miscellaneous assignments.

Expected Outcomes

Students will:

*Develop an understanding of and appreciation of all literature genres and articulate that understanding both verbally and in writing.

*Develop reading and vocabulary skills

*Develop writing skills

*Learn and apply knowledge of correct grammar, usage, mechanics, and spelling

*Speak and listen more effectively

Classroom Procedures

*Be in your seat with classroom materials ready and working on the assignment on the board when the bell rings.

*Be respectful of the classroom, materials, and each other.

*Wait until the teacher dismisses you at the end of the hour; we will work from bell to bell.

*Raise your hand for a request.

*Turn in homework at the end of the hour or the beginning of next class.

*Ask for permission and take hall pass when leaving the room.

Attendance and Tardies

Attendance will be taken during the first ten minutes of class.  Students who are absent will have one day for each day missed to turn in assignment before the assignment is counted late.  See late work policy below.  Please check blackboard for daily lessons and assignments while absent from class.  It is your responsiblity to stay current on work when absent from class.   

Missing/Late Word

Late work will be accepted for no more than 60% of the total points for the assignment while still in the unit.  Once a test or final project has been given, no late work will be accepted.  Most units will last at least three weeks; this provides plenty of time to get work in.  Best practice is to do work on time every time.  You are responsible for checking blackboard on a daily basis and being responsible for all work when you are absent from class.

Grading Criteria

Students will be evaluated on the quality of work as well as getting the work in on time.  Late assignments will be taken for no more than 60% of the the total grade for the assignment while still in the unit.  Most daily assignments will be worth 10 points, while detailed assignments and papers will be worth more points.  The grading scale is as follows:

90-100     A

80-89     B

70-79     C

60-69     D

0-59     F