Christopher Columbus

By: Abby Rosheim

Background infomation

He was born in the Republic of Genoa (Italy) in 1451.

He first went to sea when he was a teenager, he participated in trading voyages.

His first "real" voyage almost cost him his life, his ship was attacked by French Privateers. His ship was burned and he had to swim the shore of Portugal.

He also went on other voyages to Africa to see the sea current of the Atlantic Ocean.

Achievements and Discoveries

His voyage to find a sea route to Asia was sponsored by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

He went on 4 big voyages before he was satisfied

On his third trip, he went west across the Atlantic Ocean and saw Trinidad and South America. He got in a fight and it got so bad that he went back to Spain in Chains.

In 1502, he went out to sea again. This was his last trip and he lost his noble titles, and he had to beg the Spanish King to pay for that last voyage.

Impact on the World Today

He transformed the New World.

He explored further into the Continents.

Map of his voyages

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Christopher Columbus

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