Jewish Weddings Are Not Only About 5 Star Arrangements

Several Rituals And Practices Are composed

There has been a certain amount of buzz in recent times about 5 star arrangements in a wedding ceremony, so as to make the wedding perfect. But, when it comes to Jewish people they consider rituals to be more important and prior than any other thing. Jewish marriages are world’s most religious and traditional following wedding process.

The main element in weddings is the procedure and traditional adaptation which creates a spark and importance in wedding occasions. This happens to be the most important element in marriages and that is why they are followed to a high extent. There are some people who also have a perception that weddings do mean a 5 star arrangement with a lot of investment on food and hospitality of the guests. But, it is certainly a wrong notion and those who are following these do not enhance their wedding purpose. According to some of the people’s belief, if there is not much concentration given on the wedding procedure then there is some kind of feeling that the marriage is nowhere fruitful.

Jewish weddings are a complete turn over where except the traditional beliefs and proceeding nothing is given much more importance. Numerous rituals and various processes are carried out in order to get satisfied that the wedding has passed all the tests and finally the couple can live their life happily. Some of the basic elements hidden in a Jewish marriage are given below.

A Jewish tradition nowhere considers a marriage a means of a mere social arrangement but, this is a lifetime occasion where there is full commitment on sanctity and dedication. The first of the process involves engagement which is somewhat very special. The families of both the couple unite together and the mothers of both the couple break a ceramic plate signifying that the marriage is claimed and it is not to be broken. After that, to make the Jewish weddings funnier the bride and the groom are not allowed to meet for one week so that they could realise the loneliness from each other and they would miss each other. The Ketubah, which is known to be the marriage contract, has to be signed by both the bride and groom in order to legalise the marriage. After signing, there are some more rituals which need to be carried out after which both of them would be called married.

The amount of arrangements needed like the place, Ketubah, event targeted stuff, arrangements for the guest and lots more an event planner is quint essential. Without them, the whole event could become a mess. Hence, one should definitely go for an event planner.

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