Personal Narrative #3

Maddie Williams, D Block, October 28th, 2013

The character that I have chosen from my play, for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf, is the lady in red. The monologue I have chosen details her life as a prostitute, and how even though she has power over men, she regrets the life that she is living. The lady in red is a "deliberate coquette." She uses mens' desires to get what she wants, and she hopes to wound them in return, on behalf of other sisters that are unable to experience the freedom that she has. Before the sun rises, she takes a bath and kick the dude out, writes the event into her diary, and then cries herself to sleep.

I have never been a prostitute before, and I do not know firsthand the pain that the lady in red must have experienced in her life. However, I have felt feelings of extreme pain like that before, like there was nothing I could do to change my situation, which is what I believe the lady in red is feeling. The lady in red has freedom, unlike the "women in windows/fingering shades/ol lace curtains/camoflagin despair", but she is stuck in her horrible life as a prostitute. In elementary school and junior high, I was bullied severely because of my race and my weight. I was ostracized by all of the girls in my grade, and if I was talked to at all, it was usually some racial insult or dig about my weight being thrown at me. I felt such pain because even though I wasn't completely alone (I had one close friend- Jack Perry- who stuck by me throughout elementary school and junior high and is still my best friend) and I enjoyed my classes, I couldn't do anything about the situation that I was in, no matter how hard I tried to get the teachers to help me. It sucked. A lot.

EDIT: I'm sorry, Mrs. B. This play is really hard for me to do because of the stuff that I've gone through (the title alone is hard enough) and it's really heavy and I'm sorry if I'm not doing it well.