The Cambodian Genocide
taylor bertrand

Creating a master race (better than others) and classification was a major problem with the Holocaust and the Cambodian genocide.

People were being unfairly treated because there leaders wanted everything to be perfect. Others were being punished if they didn't agree with their leaders. They were unfairly punished for no reason

Social grouping was also a major problem. People were being put in different groups than others because of their ethnicity and the groups were being treated as if they weren't people at all. For example in the Holocaust people who had special needs were thought of as inferior to the " master race" Hitler was trying to create. The Cambodian leader Pol Pot wanted to create the same type of master race as Germany so that they could come on top and Pol Pot did this strategy through forced labor and work against other people’s will. His actions were wrong and completely unfair.

The genocide(s) also targeted religious minorities such as: Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. If you didn't agree with the Pol Pot's beliefs and orders you would be punished including religious beliefs.Torture, mass executions, use of forced labor, and malnutrition were the consciences others had to go through for their own beliefs. All this violence soon led to the deaths of an estimated 25 percent of the total population ( around 2 million people ).

There have been 20,000 killings in the Cambodian Genocide uncovered.

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