Hello and welcome to my page :D
I'm Anna, or Nana, or Nan, Lina, Lina-lee, whatever you want.
I'm planning on simply vomiting my wardrobe all over this page.

In my spare time, sometimes I like to throw together outfits, mainly Lolita coordinates, that I have or would like to own. Lately, I've been trying to do the same thing with my everyday wardrobe as well, and ultimately find a way to incorporate my Lolita, and eventually become more comfortable with wearing Lolita on a daily basis, or get to the point where it feels more like everyday clothing rather than something pretty to wear once in a while with my friends.

About two years ago, one of my best friends, Alisha (the main one that calls me Lina-lee), approached me with her interest in the Lolita fashion. I was not as interested or enthusiastic about it as she was, but being a "good friend" and knowing she is as, if not more, shy and self-conscious than I am, I joined her. She and I ordered our first dresses from Bodyline, and attended our first meet with the Milwaukee Lolita Society that she had found through Facebook.

She has been to almost every single monthly meet since then, while I didn't as often at first, because of a protective mother, no ride, no money, etc. Thankfully now, my mother doesn't mind so much (she actually kind of enjoys it a bit -- on me, not herself.), I finally have a job so I can buy more and be able to afford to go to the places the group likes to go. So, now, the only thing that really holds me back from meet-ups is class or work, and not very often at all.

From the beginning, Alisha's honestly been more smooth and steady about her style changes than I have been. Haha. From what I can see, she's steadily gone from the rather dark, kuro side of the Gothic or Elegant Gothic Lolita style, and has slowly moved into Classic Lolita, though still on the darker side of it. And, part by herself and part through me, I think she's a bit into the Gothic-Punk-ish style too.
Me, on the other hand... I started with a Sweet style dress, then a Gothic/Punk... I continued with interest in Sweet, flowing back and forth between that and Gothic and Classic and Punk... I have no one specific style. At all. Haha. In my everyday life, I tend more towards punk-ie clothing, like the more 90s punk style. That is most likely the main reason my Lolita wardrobe is most influenced by punk lately, even the lighter side of it. But there are times where I simply can not resist the adorable Sweet side, or, my current dream print, Angelic Pretty's Sheep Garden >w< Gah I love it so much! Haha.

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