Japan project

Capital: Tokyo

Population:  127 million people

Type of government: constitutional monarchy

Leaders name: Shinzo Abe

Type of  economy: parliamentary democracy

Type of currency: yen

Currency compared the dollar: 1 yen is equal to 0.0088 US dollars.

Country’s GDP per capita: $36,900

Country's GDP rank in the world: Japan is ranked third for GDP.

Literacy rate: 2.5%

Life expectancy M/F: Female is 85.9 years. Male is 79.4 years.

Official language: Japanese

Top three tourist attractions in Japan:

Shinjuku, you can go there and see all of the sky scrapers and the buildings.

Ginza neighborhood it is a place where you can go to some of the most fancy store in the world.

Shibuya and harajuku you can go there and go to zoos and museums and allot of other activitys.

Three historical events:

Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima. Atomic booms we'd roped and killed allot of people.

In 1964 Japan hosted the Olympics, games the whole world participates in.

In 1968 Japan surpassed west Germany and became the second best economy in the world.

Curent event:

The UN made a court order telling Japan that they have to stop wailing.

Is my Country’s economy successful:

My country's economy is very successful.

A company in Japan:

Nintendo is located in Japan.

What ones the company do:

They make games and they make new technology for the world.

How could my country improve its economy:

My country should put a limit on the number of children they can have.


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