Bonjour, I love the French language, and recently completed French I.  I am extremely excited to move onto French II next school year in the fall. Along with French I also love many other things like my favorite color which is Tiffany blue, watching Netflix, shopping, playing softball, and spending time with my friends and family.

Three Things About Me...


I have a large family, so family is very important to me.  My parents are divorced, and my dad is remarried.  My step-mother has four children, all of which are in their 20's, and two grandchildren, which are 1 and almost 2.  I also have a brother that is seventeen, so I am the youngest.  


I love to play softball.  I have been playing since I was about 6 or 7.  Lately I have been playing at second base, but I have played every position except for pitcher.  

Spending Time With Friends

I have a few very close friends, that I love spending time with. Whenever I am not doing something you could probably find me spending time with them.  My friends always know that they can come to me, and I know that I can always come to them if I needed.  I love my friends like they are family and I am grateful to be all of their friend.

My Goals...

Goal 1: My first goal is to complete all four years of French and finally get my hand print on the wall.  I will accomplish this goal by taking French every school year and also studying a lot.

Goal 2: My second goal is to finally visit Paris, France.  I will accomplish this goal ny hopefully going with the school and saving a lot of money.

Goal 3: My third goal is to go to the college of my dreams. I will accomplish this goal with determination and of course getting good grades.

I Would Love to Visit...

I would love to visit Paris, France and see all of the amazing things there like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Catacombs, Louvre Pyramid, 'Locks of Love' Bridge, and so many more extraordinary places to visit there.   

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