What is Psychology?

Psychology:  The science of behavior and mental processes

The seven psychological approaches that when together are able to reveal the whole concept of psychology.
Descartes discovered the pain and nerve pathways when he believed animal spirits flowed from the brain to the muscles.

Key Vocab:

Empiricism-he view that knowledge originates in experience and that science should, therefore, rely on observation and experimentation.

Structuralism-an early school of psychology that used introspection to explore the elemental structure of the human mind.

Functionalism- a school of psychology that focused on how our mental and behavioral processes function--how they enable us to adapt, survive, and flourish.

The History of Psychology

Socrates & Plato: Knowledge is innate, mind is separate from body, and continues after the body dies

Aristotle: Knowledge grows from experience stored in memory.

Contemporary Psychology

Nature works hand in hand with Nurture. "Nurture works on what nature endows"

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