Makey-Makey Project:

CapCap Counting

Our project was created to teach little children how to count from one to ten. This project is important in forming a foundation for the children's future lessons in math. The box itself was created to make a more interactive way of learning the numbers 1 to 10.


The final product had differences from the original plan. Some alteration was needed to help the project work better. We had to add foils or change the layout of some objects. These changes were necessary because the original plan wouldn't work so well.


The project was hard, but fun. It was difficult because it was a lot of work and we had to keep making plans to meet up. However, it was also fun, because we were able to try making things, see how the electricity works, and got to experiment with the Makey-Makey.

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7 months ago

Cool! How did you make it?