'The Chai Elf'

a concept by Christina Strasser

Picture by Christina Strasser

How to become a Chai Elf..

At the beginning of last summer (2013) I was asked to cook Chai Tea at a small festival in Austria (the Peal Festival) by a friend of mine.

Since I like cooking for others, I agreed.

They had set up a tent for me, the 'Chai-Tent', and since there were calls for carpets and a sofa, they actually managed to add a 'living room' inside the tent on the first day of the festival.

Cooking and selling Chai Tea there has been a magical experience, I got to know so many great, interesting and wonderful people. The chai tent really became my home in those three days and it so happened that I was referred to as the 'Chai-Witch' or also the 'Chai-Elf'.

The tent became a place for people to have some freshly brewed Chai Tea (made from milk from a local farm and Black Tea and spices brought in directly from Sri Lanka by some friends who had visited for the festival, by the way), hang out, relax, talk, cuddle or sleep. I really started to care for those who kept coming back and always tried to help out if someone was having a problem and I never got bored as there was always something to do and somebody to talk to.

Picture by Robert Gasser, thx a lot!!
Chai 4 Charity

Making Plans

Since it has been such a good experience, I have decided to do this kind of stuff again. During the winter I have been cooking Chai for friends on occasion, but that is not at all the same kind of experience.

I will be the Chai Elf at this year's Peal Festival again and also at another small festival (the Buona Onda Open Air), as the creators have asked me to - how could I say no? ;)

If the opportunity arises, I am also planning on doing festivals abroad, since this might be a way to finance my trip to other countries and the opportunity to participate at other great festivals as well.


Who knows how far the Chai Elf will fly?

Drawing by Christina Strasser

See you in summer! <3

Picture by Christina Strasser. Please don't steal - that's not nice!

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