My summer vacation
Kelly Hyle

      For the summer of 2014, I traveled around a lot. The biggest trip that I took this summer was to Delaware and Ocean city, Maryland. It took us 6 and a half hours to fly to Baltimore, and from there we drove about an hour to Delaware. We took that vacation because a lot of my family lives in Pennsylvania so we all met up down in Delaware and Maryland. While we were there we went to the boardwalk and beach in Ocean city, and swam, shopped, ate, and many more things. Also while I was there we celebrated my aunts birthday and went to a big fancy restaurant that looked out into the ocean.

    A few days after I came home from Delaware, I got in the car and drove to Seattle with my grandparents. We were only there for 3 days but it was still tons of fun. The first night my grandpa didn't have any meetings for his work so we all ran around Seattle. After that night my grandpa had some business to go to, and my grandma and I roamed Seattle by ourselves. We went from knowing exactly where we were to being totally lost, but we were able to find the hotel eventually.

  Also I went camping with just my dad and I. There is a beautiful waterfall at the campsite and many really cool hiking trails.

     This summer I went up to our lake house a lot. The best time was when two of my best friends and I drove up there for a "goodbye, Avery and Easton" trip. We had a lot of fun up there fishing, swimming and tubing.

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3 years ago

That ferris wheel right on the water is too cool! Nice work Kelly!