Ancient Egypt

life as an ancient eygtption

stable food supply

What allowed the Egyptians to be successful farmers when they lived in the middle of the dessert? The Nile river helps the Egyptians be successful farmers. This lets them be successful farmers because it gives them water to grow their crops.The rivers flooding could help irrigate their farms. Farmers also dug canals that's another reason why Egyptians are successful farmers in the dessert.It's another way they can water their crops.

What did the farmers grow? Some of the things farmers in Egypt grow is they grow wheat. They use wheat to make bread. Another thing they grow is barley.

social structure!

What does this pyramid show? This pyramid shows that the pyramid gets bigger as it goes up. The bottom is the biggest they named it peasants because it is the lowest rank and there is a lot of them.They do that for all of them. The smaller it gets the higher the rank and less people.


Ra: Ra is a falcon with the sun on his heat. He was the god of creation.

Anubis: Anubis is a judial or wild dog. He was the god of funerals and death and was often painted on the walls of tombs as he was thought to protect the dout.

Horus: He was known as a falcon is know as a sky god. He was osirises son.

What did the Egyptians believe in and how did it affect their life and death? It affected their life because some of the gods were important to them becasue they belived in there gods also because there gods brought floods and took part in alot of there creation.

Why were the religious beliefs important to the Egyptions? They belived that it was important to worship their gods so that the gods and goddesses that life can go smoothly for a long time.

system of government!

What form of government did the Egyptians have? Ancient Egyptians enjoyed the three long periods of stability and unity under the rule of Pharaohs.

The pharaoh Khufe ruled from about 2551 to 2528 B.C.E during the old kingdom period. Helped establish the Pharaohs as a central authority. He kept strict rule of Egypts food supply.

The Pharaoh Senusret ruled from about 1971 to1926 B.C.E during the middle kingdom. He was a strong leader who ruled a stable, unified Egypt.

During the new kingdom, Hatshepsut ruled Egypt from about 1473 to 1458 B.C.E. Hatshepsut was Egypts first female Pharaoh. Under her rule Egyption art and architecture flourished.

The Pharaoh Rameses ll ruled from about 1290 to 1224 B.C.E during the new kingdom. Called Rameses the great one of the most famous Pharaohs. He resigned for more than 60 years. Larger than any other Pharaoh. They kept an orderly sociaty because they had struct ruleing.

The arts

Discuss their sculptures, music, paintings, and architecture.

While the Egyptions ate people play instruments. Some of the instruments they played were flutes, harps, rattles, and lutes. One thing they made was statues. Another thing they made was gold mummy cases.They rarely listend to music.They built alot of things out of gold. They made string instruments.

Advance in technology

What did they invent or improve to make their lives easier? One thing they did to make their lives easier is they took pictures. Another thing they did was the made tablets. Also they made statues. They also improved pyrimids. Last they made stringed instruments.

written launguage

Describe their form of writing. Their form of writing is hieroglyphs. What tools were used for writing? One tool that was used for writing was clay tablets. Another thing they used for writing is signs. Also they took pictures. How do we know what their writing means? We know what their writing means because of their shape.

^^ gos with system of goverment


the arts

advance in technology

written launguage

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