By Christopher Williams


By Rosario Castellanos

The poem is completely free verse, and has no rhyme in it as can be seen when read.

The theme of the poem is we should pay more attention to what we love instead of hate, because what we love just dies, as the things we hate live. This is presented by the statements, "We kill what we love" and "We give life only to what we hate." Even the talk of the deer can represent it as a hunter hunting a dear, because they love to eat them, which is all in the same, yet they don't hunt people that they hate.

The  figurative language: Symbolism; The deer,a representation of something loved that is killed. Personification where it says "Ah, but hatred, its insomniac glare of glass," because hatred can't glare.

The poem connects to the idea of communication and change in which if people communicated together more, we might actually pay mind to what we love and what we hate, not just one half.

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