Creek Tribe



They  were located in North Carolina ,Alabama and Florida.The Creek Tribe put clay around their single family homes.They had large circular buildings for ceremonials.

Cloths Men and Women

In the Creek Tribe the men wore breech cloths and leather.Women wore wrapped around dress.Men and women wore cloaks in the cold.In war they painted there faces.

Food and hunting

The Creek Tribe ate corn,boar,bison,turkey and fish.The girls and women did the farming.They used bows and arrows to hunt.They used nets and spears to fish.


Some famous leaders are Mary Masgrove,Tomchichi and Micos.They wore famous chief.


In war the men will paint there faces. The Creek tribe had myths.One myth is about a dog and his owner he warns his master to make a raft. It was going to flood.the flood made them go to a forest in the clouds.The dog said get the raft in the water throw me in wait 7 days. The owner did that with a heavy heart.The person waited 7 days and it went down.Then people started coming on the boat then he realize they were dead people!                                                                                             Thank YOU!

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