the great

This is the story of Victor Frankenstein's monster.

Robert Walton's boat

The story starts off with Robert Walton writing letters to his sister, Mrs. Margaret Saville. Robert Walton sets off on a journey to find a passage through the North Pole. He comes across a man in a sled.

Robert Walton finding Victor Frankenstein on the ice

Victor comes aboard the ship and speaks to Robert Walton. Robert Walton begins to find out that Victor is much like himself.

young Victor rankenstein

At a young age Victor became very interested in science. He started bringing animals back to life. So he started to research and study.

Young victor bringing animals back to life

After Victor brought animals back to life he began to wonder if he could make his experiment bigger and bring a human back to life, but not only that but make a "perfect" person.

College in Ingolstadt Victor attended

The college in Ingolstadt is were Victor began his research and experiments on creating the monster.

Victor looking for body parts

Victor spends time in the graveyards looking for body parts to create his monster.

Frankenstein is loose

victor creates the monster and he runs away from him so the monster becomes angered. The monster is by himself for 2 years. The monster kills Victors little brother and frames Justine

The monster Chatting with victor about everything

The monster finds Victor and asks him if he would sit down with him and let him tell his side of the story.

Frankenstein strangling everybody

The monster is going around strangling everyone that is related to Victor. Because he is angry at victor because he was lonely and depressed and Victor wouldn't make him a lady friend or help him.

Victor and Elizabeth get married

After the wedding Victor takes Elizabeth to his cottage in the woods. thinking the monster is after him he goes outside looking for the monster and hears Elizabeth scream inside... The monster has strangled Elizabeth. Victor is totally pissed and he sets out to find him and kill him, after his father dies.

Victors broken heart

After months of searching for the monster wearing on him and the thought of all his family that is dead , He searches for him towards the north pole were he finds Robert Walton. He tells him everything, then dies from a broken heart.

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