Advice and Gratitude

Advice for when you feel down:

1. Sit by a fire and watch a funny show or read a book/article you are interested in.

2. Watch movies with friends or family and eat yummy food

3.Play with small fluffy animals.

I am grateful for...

-My friends because they are funny, smart and they make me happy by just being them.

-My family because they are there if I need them.

- My past and current schools and teachers because they have and continue to teach me

- My house because it has heat, running water, power and my bed.

- America. We live in a place where most people can eat 3 meals a day. Most people have a roof over their heads with running water, heat, and electricity.

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3 years ago

Thoughtful, Gabby. You have a compassionate and clear-sighted perspective. Challenge yourself to spruce up your tackks with other aspects that will show your message through modes other than text -