Dissoiative Amnesia
Dissoiative amnesia splits into two main categories based on the scope of the Memory  loss.  Dissoiative  Amnesia affects Autobiographical information gathered over a long period. intense prolonged stress can lead to Dissoiative Amnesia because it activates our Adenalglands.
Dissoiative Amnesia is more common in women then men.  

people can get help at www.webmd.com

the video of dissoiative amnesia

1. People say this is not a real disorder.
1. Most misunderstood and controversial diagnoses
2. people for et about the trauma
2. Fairly rare to not remember any trauma at all
3. They say there are different people in your body
3. Poorly trained therapists
4. People with this disorder get crazy treatment
4. They are using interventions that are similar to common ones used in treating complex trauma

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