Get a better understanding of your customer's needs with LeanDog's Breakout Sessions @ Industry

LeanDog, a Cleveland startup success story in its own right, will be holding a couple of breakout sessions on efficient product development and design at this year's Industry event. These sessions will be completely free for attendees to take part in, so please register for Industry first here.

More specifically, here are the two sessions in detail:

10:30 AM: Workshop: Juggling Cats - Do you own your product or does it own you? Nick Barendt, Director of Studio at LeanDog

Have a vision that extends waaaaay beyond your budget? Is your product team thrashing? Conflict or tension among your stakeholders? ROI of the team’s efforts getting murky? Too many cooks in the product kitchen? In this session we’ll present a few approaches to getting your team focused and unstuck.

3:25 PM: Workshop: If you build, they MIGHT come? Nicole Capuana, Director of User Experience at LeanDog

While collecting customer feedback is a key element to building great products, knowing what to do with that feedback is the differentiating piece. In this session, we’ll cover methods for getting feedback, testing your product, and prioritizing changes or features so you can bring to market a product or service people will use (and love).

Places for these sessions will be limited, so after you register for Industry, please register for these sessions separately here.