Pediatrician-Works with kids in need.

Job description.

  • The purpose of my job is to help kids with cancer in need and to gives kids a second chance in life to spend with their families.


  • The responsibilities of my job is being able to deal with different types of medications and being able to diagnose what the situation is.


  • The qualifications for my job is for me to pass my United States Medical Licensing examination I must be able to work with computers Plus 14 years of training.You must be able to work with sick kids and you need to help kids that have certain types of cancers or diseases,or even worse kids that have a high risk of death.


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2 years ago

I agree that PED is a great job to enlist in!

2 years ago

I think you would make a great PED, Logan.

2 years ago

Yeah i agree whit all of them you would be amazing😃 😄