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What is Teaching?

All teaching is a combination of skill and will.

Teacher Skill...

Highly skilled teachers start where their students are, know where students are going, expect to get them there, support them along the way, use feedback to help themselves and their students get better, focus on quality not quantity, and never work harder than their students.  Highly skilled teachers are good planners. They know how to structure a lesson to ensure the students learn and understand the material.

Teacher Will...

The Will component of masterful teaching is rooted in the desire to help ALL students learn and the determination to ensure that all students do learn. Will is what drives teachers to continually refine and hone your craft, reflect on practice and embrace data and feedback. Teachers with high levels of teaching will understand the importance of relationships and work hard to make sure that every student int he room is safe, engaged and connected.

High will/low skill - Enthusiastic; idealistic; willing to learn - Seeks feedback and explores new strategies and ideas, but implementation  is inconsistent and ineffective.

Low will/low skill - Discouraged; not invested - Does not volunteer or contribute; passive; tries to stay beneath the radar.

High will/high skill - Motivated and skillful- Easily identities and implements appropriate strategies; explores new ideas; seeks feedback, and refines practice; takes on challenges.

Low will/high skill - Skillful bud disinterested; "seen it all" - Unreceptive to feedback; resists efforts to try new approaches.

It is very important to understand that a teacher's "type" is fluid. You may shift from one area to  the next as you move through your career.

    Important Information

    Parent Leader Camp -April 24th  - 5:30-6:30

    Leadership Day - May 15th -  8:30-11

    Parent Leadership Day - May 20th  8:30-10:30

    This Week....

    Monday: 3rd-5th Dance Practice; Chorus

    Tuesday: K-Kids

    Wednesday: K- Book Study

    Thursday: PLC K-2


    Coming Up...

    Monday: Kdg- 2nd Dance Practice; Chorus; MTSS Administration


    Wednesday: LLT

    Thursday: Fire Drill

    Friday: Parent Leader Camp 5:30-6:30

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    If you think of  Will/Skill as a Matrix.....where do you fall?

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