Fabrizio Balestri: Head of Business Development for Lorica International

Fabrizio Balestri is a highly motivated, highly successful business entrepreneur and intrapreneur currently offering companies his services as an advisor to further their success in the business realm. He has acquired almost three full decades of executive management experience and understands what it takes to be successful in the business world. He has had significant experience with start up companies, existing companies of all kinds, and advising companies on how to run their daily operations. He has the unique ability to empower and motivate a work force to reach its full potential in sales, operations, and leadership roles. Fabrizio also takes some form of ownership in every business venture he decides to get involved with, which makes his success directly related to the success of the business itself; in this way, everyone is on the same page in terms of success. Due to his high level of involvement within a company, he is very selective about which companies he chooses to do business with. All groups must have intelligent and useful ideas that have a chance to be successful within a difficult market. He never tries to tell a business what services to provide, just how to provide them.

Fabrizio Balestri is currently serving as the Head of Business Development for Lorica International, an innovative textile manufacturer looking for its place in the market. He has been the Head of Business Development since October of 2013 and has been directly involved in the company’s business since he was asked to provide his intrapreneurial expertise in 2008. Fabrizio Balestri is responsible for patent filing management, , domestic and international manufacturing management, and sales development. The company has introduced a breakthrough in textile manufacturing that involves non-flammable yarn and downstream products for a wide variety of consumer and industrial uses.

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