20% Project

Choosing My Project (Entry #1)

What did I choose?~ I chose the Rube Goldberg Machine.

Why did I choose it? ~I thought it would be fun and a little challenge would be fun also.

What did I want to learn?~ I wanted to learn how to do a simple task but with multiple stages/challenges.

Would I like to do this for a career? ~I wouldn't want to do this as a career because I would probably get very frustrated and quit.

Intro Research(Planning) (Entry #2)

What did I do to plan/learn investigate? ~I watched a couple videos to look for ideas for our own machine. We were watching videos so we could get good ideas to put into our machine.

Intro Research Pt. 2 (Entry #3)

What kind of information did you learn to help complete your project?~ We watched more videos to get more ideas and objects we can use like Dixie Cups. We watched about 5 videos on ideas and machines so we could get more, good ideas. We got a couple ideas from watching them.

Questions Answered (Entry #4)

What did you do? (Specifically)~ We decided what our final, end task would be. We decided it would be getting toothpaste to squirt onto a toothbrush.

Upload a photo/video.

What questions did you answer about how to complete your project? We decided our end task and what our stage will look like. We thought about how we could get the toothpaste to come out and go onto the toothbrush, and we came up with something sort of heavy dropping onto the tube.

What You Are Finding Out While Doing Your Project (Entry #5-6)

In this entry, you should write about beginning and working on your project. Are you having difficulty building, is it working to you plan, your model coming together..?

I didn't have any difficulty today because I wasn't here, but my group probably did because I wasn't here with the materials for our project.

You should include photo or video for this entry, showing some kind of success and maybe a few failures.

What SPECIAL terms (technical) do you need to know? (Entry #6 & 7)

You need to describe any specialized items and any terms you may need to know.

Pulley~ a wheel on an axle or shaft that is designed to support movement/change of direction of a cable or belt along its circumference (we use this in our zipline part of our machine)

Today we got our materials ready to start building our machine.

NEW Questions and Information! (Entry #8)

Now that you've been investigating your project for awhile, what new information  and questions do you need to research and answer?~ We need to research and re-watch some videos we got some of our ideas from. We will do this, and be able to memorize how to set up the stages.

*Upload new photos or videos*

http://youtu.be/yq-fxB-aNWc working stage

http://youtu.be/c8haTxA-hZg not working stage

Technical Parts of Your Project (Entry #9)

Explaining the "nuts and bolts", the technical specific parts of your project. ~We use a zipline with a pulley (pulley - a wheel on an axle or shaft that is designed to support movement/change of direction of a cable or belt along its circumference)

The process you need to complete to finish your project. ~We need to get more ideas for the next stages of our machine and get materials and items to set them up.

Technical Stuff Part 2 (Entry #10)

Further explain the technical parts of your project. What you need to do to complete your project, and where you are at. ~ We need to think about more, better stages than just rolling, I have ideas, but the other members of my group haven't been here so I couldn't discuss them with them. When they get back, I will put my ideas out there and maybe we will use them.

**Make sure you mention any problems you are having. List steps to solve these problems and steps to make sure it doesn't happen again or modification to minimize problems.**~ My group members haven't been here so I haven't been able to discuss my new ideas with them, and we are sort of behind because of it. When  they get here, we will need to work hard, and for the full time to catch up and get our stages for our machine put together.  

You Choose (Entry #11)

We are starting to put our next stages together. We have one stage done, and we've been talking about how we're setting our stages up. We've also been talking about what order our stages are going to be in.

You Choose (Entry #12)

We are working on putting our stages together. We have one stage for sure done, but we have to test other stages. We have ideas for our other stages, we just need to test them out and maybe make a couple of stages a little different.

You Choose (Entry #13)

Today we continued on setting our machine up and figuring out where and how to set it up. We are getting further along with it, we just have a couple more stages to complete/set up and we have to test it out.

YOU AREN'T DONE! Where do you go from here? (Entry #14)

Discuss where you'd like to go from here.~ We would like to have our machine work successfully and multiple times. To be able to do this, we have to set up our full machine and continuously practice it working, so we will have a better chance of it working multiple times in a row.

What do you want to do to proceed and what modification/changes to your model/machine to continue on. Include why you are making these modifications. We need to practice how our machine works so we can get it to work multiple times in a row. We might need to change one of our stages because it doesn't work like 1/3 of the time, so we could maybe change some materials we use for it.

What is your next step? (Entry #15)

Where do you go from here? ~ We have to continue setting up our stages and testing  them. We know how our stages are going to go, but if they don't work when we set them up, we're going to have problems. We are really hoping our machine works, because we think we have pretty good ideas.

What You Are Accomplishing Now (Entry #16)

You should talk about how you are working on your project and progress you are making. ~ We made progress by figuring out how to set up our whole machine. We were able to try out some of our stages, which helped us with our progress on our machine.

Talk about how you are taking the errors out of your design. Our first stage, which is with a slinky, was hard to get to work right. Sometimes the slinky goes in the right spots and activates our next stage, other times, not so much.

Did It Work? (Entry #17-ish)

Were you able to get your machine to work? Our first stage works every once in a while  but its kinda hard to get to work. Our next stages were working pretty smoothly while we were practicing with it.

Why or why did it work/not work? Explain. Our first stage is pretty complicated (includes a slinky) so its hard to get the slinky to go in the right spots sometimes.

Give some reasons or ways you had to modify/change your design. We can mark spots where we think the slinky is going to go most of the time, so it helps us set it up.

Include some pictures or videos showing changes and why you made them.

Machine Description - http://youtu.be/ogU28QGuwSY

Reflections (Entry #18)

Now that you are "done", what did you learn about your subject? ~ I learned that Rube Goldberg machines don't always turn out the way you want or expect. We had to change our stages that we planned for our machine many times. At sometimes, it would get pretty frustrating when a stage wouldn't work how we wanted it to. Overall, our ideas were pretty good, we just had difficulties getting them to work.

How did your project turn out/if it didn't work why didn't it?~ Our project had good ideas, but some stages were difficult to get to work the way we wanted them to. For example, our first stage (which had a slinky) had to work and land in certain spots, anywhere else then the stage wouldn't work right. We didn't get the chance to fully test out our machine  multiple times, only stage by stage. If we had the chance to, we think our machine would work.

Did your project make you want to pursue this subject more, like a hobby or a job? Why or why not?~ I don't think I would like doing this as a hobby or a job. I think I would get too frustrated to do this often and I would probably stop and give up.

Do you wish you had chosen a different project? Why or why not?~ I wish I chose to do the google cardboard virtual reality because I think it would have been more interesting and entertaining.

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Very cool! I can't wait to see this work!

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Nice job, Olivia! You have good ideas here. I hope your plans worked for your project.

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Good job Olivia😀

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