Squeezed Out Syllables

Intonation can also completely get rid of certain entire syllables. Some longer words that arestressed on the first syllable squeeze weak syllables right out. Cover up the regular columns and read the words between the brackets.

actually [æk•chully]

every [εvree]

average [ævr'j]

family [fæmlee]

aspirin [æsprin]

finally [fyn•lee]

broccoli [bräklee]

general [jεnr'l]

business [bizness]

groceries [grossreez]

camera [kæmruh]

interest [intr'st]

chocolate [chäkl't]

jewelry [joolree]

comfortable [k'mf•t'bl]

mathematics [mæthmædix]

corporal [corpr'l]

memory [mεmree]

desperate [dεspr't]

orange [ornj]

diamond [däim'nd]

probably [präblee]

diaper [däiper]

restaurant [rεstränt]

different [diffr'nt]

separate [sεpr't]

emerald [εmr'ld]

several [sεvr'l]

vegetable [vej•t'bl]

liberal [libr'l]

beverage [bev•r'j]

conference [cänfrns]

bakery [bā•kree]

coverage [c'vr'j]

catholic [cæth•l'k]

history [hisstree]

nursery [nrsree]

accidentally [æk•sə•dent•lee]

onion [əny'n]

basically [ba•sə•klee]

Note The ~cally ending is always pronounced ~klee.

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