Computer Systems

Micki Hassell

Today i'll be choosing two different computer systems that I would personally like to use. They will both be Apple products

Apple- Mac Book Air 13"

  • This is the Apple- Mac Book Air. It is a light-weight laptop, being 2.38 pounds. It gets 3x faster wifi than regular computers with its new 802.11 ac technology. This magnificent device has up to 12 hours of battery life. The cost of the Apple- Mac Book Air 13". I would like to choose this device for two reason. The first reason I would like to own this is because it is so light.  You can take it anywhere and its not a strain on your back or shoulder. The second reason I would like to have this device is because you can be on it all day (12 hours) and it not go dead. Out of both of these devices i would rather choose this one.
  • operating system: OS X mac
  • cost: 899.99
  • software: Mail, Address Book, Time Machine, Safari and Screen Sharing
  • hard drive capacity: 256GB
  • USB ports: 3
  • monitor type: LED-backlit glossy
  • screen size: 13.3 inches
  • RAM: 8GB
  • CPU: intel core i5

Apple- iPhone 5c

  • The dimensions is: height is 4.90 inches, width is 2.33 inches, and depth is 0.35 inches. It weighs 4.65 ounces.  The cost of the 8GB is free (the phone its self). It has a retina display. it has a 4-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology. It comes with a lot of different apps like: gallery, game center, music, iTunes, etc.  It has one USB port. I like this one because it fits in your pocket and it has its own cellular data.
  • monitor type : LED-backlit
  • screen size: 4.90 by 2.33 by 0.35
  • RAM: 8GB
  • CPU: IOS 8
  • USB ports: 1
  • Hard drive: 1GB                      
  • operating system: OS X Mac
  • price: free
  • software: camera, photos, siri, safari, maps, music and a lot more


Inkjet Printer

  • This printer cost $199.99.
  • Its speed is 5.9 pages per minute.
  • It has a boasting limit of 250-sheet paper tray.
  • It has 4 cartridges.

laser Printer

I'd prefer this printer because it cost less and it prints more faster.  
  • prints up to 19 pages per minute
  • 150 page tray capacity
  • It cost 159.99
  • 4 cartridges


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