The Voyage of Amelia Thompson, the Explorer

An Adventurous Explorer from England in the Year 1545

     Greetings your majesty, King Henry VIII. All the other counties have been exploring the new world in the west, seeking to find treasures and new land. You sir have an advantage, you have the ability to purchase the maps of the new land. And I king, have an advantage at navigating. All I need is someone to fund my expedition with educated passengers, food, and weapons just in case we encounter the Natives. Since you have made an alliance with France and renewed your father’s friendship with Louis XII of France, would you dearly solicit him to fund my expedition.

   Financially, your reign, King is close to disaster Your heavy spending is nearly damaging the economy. What your kingdom, England needs is gold and silver, the New World is a perfect place to find it. Also since the Black Plague is going around in Europe and effecting our meats and animals I’m going to look for new fresh animals  and other food we could use in England, such as turkey, pumpkins, corn and much more!

       As always France is looking for new land to conquer. Louis XII can have the land and we can take the treasures. This could be a new beginning of a new England.

  When I get to North America I am going to go near the Pacific coast to try and locate the Native Americans that the  other voyagers have been talking about, to inquire gold. The Native Americans speak of a land of gold, we must find it.

     The first Franciscans from Bristol, England, France, and Russia are exploring North America as well, so I have to leave before they reach it. Franciscans want new land and want to spread their religion. After they left and found land in North America the French now has a deep interest. Why not make alliances and go with France? It will lessen our chance at war. The Russians are primarily interested in the abundance of fur-bearing mammals on Alaska's coast when they encounter the Natives. The only people we might have chance at war with is Russia. They want the animals for fur and we want the animals for food and exhibits. If we encounter them we can split half and half or let the Russians get all the animals on the Alaska's coast and we get the animals of the south. We can split the land with France and make trade with the Natives.

I am most worried about the obstacles we will face at sea. Such as war with Europeans and the Natives, lack of food on ship causing disease/starvation, my crew having the fear of the unknown, and lack of supplies. That is why sir, I need you to help me and support me on this voyage of adventure


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