A community-based research project by the Pilipino Association of Workers and Im/migrants (PAWIS)

About the Project

Mas Mabuti is a project by the Pilipino Association of Workers and Im/migrants (PAWIS) and a student-researcher at Stanford University. The project will explore how Filipino workers understand how the kinds of work affect their health. We do this by interviewing Filipino workers who work across various industries.

“Mas mabuti” means “better” in Tagalog, and the phrase symbolizes the goal of this project. That is, to improve the health among Filipino migrant workers, many of whom are in industries that have been cited for their unsafe and unhealthy conditions. This community-based participatory project depends on the input of the people most affected by workplace hazards—the workers themselves—to determine the kinds of changes that need tobe implemented to improve their working conditions and, consequently, their health. Currently, there is limited evidence about the health and work conditions of Filipino migrant workers.

Individual interviews and focus groups will be conducted between June 15, 2015 and August 15, 2015.

Tell your story. Meet other workers.

A worker who has concerns about work affecting their health, they are not alone. This project is an opportunity to get together with other Filipino workers going through similar experiences and to share your story. “Focus groups” are a chance for workers to come together, share a meal, and discuss perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes about work and health. Workers' stories will help to inform the project about the possible improvements that can be made to protect the health and safety of Filipino workers.

*Food will be provided. All participants will receive a $15 gift card as a token of our appreciation for their participation.

- Identify as a Filipino immigrant
- Work in the San Francisco Bay Area
- Are age 18 or older

Have questions?
You can sign up by calling Vanessa Ochavillo at 650-468-3801 (cell). You can also email Vanessa at vochavillo@stanford.edu.

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