Japan is a beautiful place filled with exotic places.it is really cool and beautiful.I'm gonna talk about art,modern day fashion,performing arts.


Japanese nobles took great care of how they spoke and wrote . Writing was really important , amongst the nobles.unlike men, women wrote Japanese language . One of the greatest writers in early Japanese history was lady murasaki shikibu . She wrote a lot of poetry and stories . Most early Japanese prose was writing , from women's ,but both men and women wrote poetry .



art in Japan was really good ,a lot of nobles took time to make art. the period between 794-1185,was the golden age of art in Japan . A lot of nobles took time to work on the Art that they made . Some of them took time off that they were called dwellers of the clouds .


Nobles love to be beautiful with began with their appearances . There wardrobe was filled with silk robes and gold jewelry . The nobles loves elaborate outfits. Some noble women wore long gowns made of 12 layers of colored silk clearly cut and folded to show of many layers at once . To finish there outfits they would carry delicate decorations fans . Some fans were painted with flowers ,trees,and birds. They also attached flowers and long silk cord.

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