The Diablo Saints

La lumière dans les ombres

The Light Into The Shadows

The Flag Of Diablo Saints

Flag Symbolism

Blue: Loyalty, Respect, Hope, Truthful, Kindness, and Integrity.

White: Innocence, Purity,and Faith.

Red: Hardness, Valor, and Bloodshed.

Black: The Outline Of The Future.

Florence Lily: Purity And Devolution To The Angel OF Light.

The Constitution Of Diablo Grande

Constitution of

Diablo Grande

Article I

Diablo Grande

Article II

The purpose of Diablo Grande is to provide justice, tranquility, and perseverance. the Diablo Saints is willing to unify Diablo Grande at any disbursement. In doing so we will provide a sense of community, preserve intellectual self-determination, and uphold management (guidance).

Article III

The requirements of being a citizen in Diablo Grande are either being born or naturalized. Expectations citizen will need to know is nationality, the official language, constitution of Diablo Grande involving the bill of rights, and the requirement of being a citizen. the government request all citizens to know the laws, the constitution of Diablo Grande, and legal rights.

Article IV

Diablo Grande follows under monarchy government. To be in charge of Diablo Grande a male or female, child, parent, grandmother, grandfather, aunt or uncle that if family to Diablo Grande that is through blood line only. If a parent that is in charge dies an aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather and or cousin can take charge if older than the age of 21, and is bloodline in the Grande family. Under the protection of the court and military it will be their default to ensure that the government cannot be corrupted.

Article V

The government responsibilities is having political, economical possessions for Diablo Grande. In extention of having the people following the constitution of Diablo Grande and laws. In return of having a tranquility, justice, and perseverance country the citizens will have a secure hostility. The responsibilities of the people is to have a healthy country, by following this constitution of Diablo Grande.

Article VI

Bill of Rights

1.No segregation and discrimation of some sort because of race, nationality, culture and other reason why you would discrimate a individual or a group of individual.

2.Both male and female of any race have equal rights, pursuit of happiness, freedom of speech, press, religion and speech.

3. All families must sacrifice their first born child to The Diablo Grande Military.
4. A male or female who wants to be a legal citizen. Has to work through the military for four years. While, working in th the military they have to denounce their citizenship to their original country.

5. Using a visa, to become a legal citizen or prolong their visa you can not get married unless you have some sort of proof of being in Diablo Grande more than 7 years.

6. No parent or minority can not be abuse or abuse each other to where either parent or minority is bleeding or leaves a scar, or mark that leaves a print on the person.

7.No male or female may sexually abuse or harass each other, neither minority or majority.

8. No bullying, such as sexual harassment, verbal abuse, physical abuse, etc.

9.This constitution shall never be destroyed, nor changed, but the bill of rights and laws can be added by the government and by the the people.

10. The right of the people is to a have good hostility in the person itself, home, and papers against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated. An officer can only search someones rights if its under by the judge.

Article VII

The education system will be a form of public schools, it will be required for children to go to school at the ages of 5-18. Citizens will pay for the education through taxes monthly. Universities will be available for adults that meet the school’s requirements. Those who are do not meet the requirements will not be able to attend the University. Colleges will be accessible for the people who do not meet the requirements for a University. Those who do not want an education will be be force to do labor. Education is important in Diablo Grande, be sure to attend.

Article VIII

The flag represents the people of Diablo Grande. The Blue represents the loyalty, respect, hope, truth, kindness and integrity in the people. The White represents innocence, purity, and faith in the people and the land. The Red represents hardiness, valor, and the bloodshed through the struggle of reaching Azriel’s wishes for the land. The Black represents the outline of the future with the wishes of Azriel. The symbol printed in the center of the flag means (Florence lily) stands for the purity and devotion to the Angel of Light.

Article IX

The figurehead of our country is the hand-picked angel of light, also known as Azriel.

Figurehead: Azriel

Our Mighty Savior The Angel

Characteristics and Abilities

Azriel has the capability to enter the mind of anyone and everyone. He can read your thoughts, he can predict your future and he can control your mind. What makes him unique is that he can control the future with your thoughts. He has amazing plans for this land and with his special powers, it will come to be.

The story of our mighty Savour

Azriel is the angel of light. He is called the Angel of light for the “bright future” image he had for this land. The Angel was hand picked by the Creator in 1300 A.D. He was chosen because he showed a unique interest in making the world a better place to live in. He was known for being pro-equality and even against anything that discriminated people. He helped the disabled get jobs and he helped the elderly with the disabilities they had too. When he was a child, Azriel was bullied for being so positive about the world. He did not let anything interfere with his goals for the world. Most people do not think that equality is the key in making our world a better place. His vision of the perfect place is man and women treated with equality, no matter what race or disability. Our Angel of light married to a woman who did not believe in the same things he believed in. He treated her with respect and trust, but se grew in in a world where equality was a sin and no one shall be treated so fairly. Therefore, his wife, Matilda is the enemy of him. They two of them had a devastating divorce and fought everyday of their lives, fighting for respect and fighting for tranquility and peace over the land. When Azriel was living in what is now called Diablo Grande, his wishes of world peace and equality never came to be. When he died, people around the land stomped on his grave and celebrated his death. There was no man who strived for equality and aimed to make the world a better place to live in. His spirit lives on today; he punishes those who do not follow the enforced laws made to make this world equal and knows everything about the land and the people living there.

Diablo Saints Anthem

The Angel of light Who found us all

The Angel of light who brought us all

The Angel of light who created us all

He who unity's us all

He who brings

He who brings

He who brings the light from the darkness

He who brings

He who brings

He who brings the dark away from the light

He is the who

The who that concurred them all

The Angel of light who brought us all

Propaganda Posters

The Ministry

Jan 17th, 2010

Nathan Davidson

Accused for thinking about abusing a woman

I.D. number: 97485631862

Mr. Davidson was accused for having thoughts of sexual abuse towards a woman that was a minor. It is against the Bill of rights/Law 7 in Article 6 in the Diablo Grande constitution. Angel Azriel confronted us himself to tell us that Nathan was having these thoughts. Therefore, Mr. Davidson must spend at least 1 month in this ministry to re-educate him. While he is in this Ministry, he must recite the constitution word by word by word. We will also punish him by giving him time to have a conversation with Azriel in Room 101, the most feared room in the entire world. Azriel is not a very nice person when it comes to a person abusing his plans for his land. Therefore, after his time is spent in the Ministry, he will regret ever having thoughts that is against the Angel’s commands.

Propaganda Video