Caring, Loving, Passionate

I believe that Hero's motivation toward her actions involves Claudio. He motivates her actions because he loves her and he proposed to her. He does this because he  loves Hero and, admires her. His motivations do change because claudio finds out she slept with someone else even though she didn't but, he breaks off the wedding. "Speak low if you speak love" (Act 2. Sc 1). She falls in love with him and cant wait till they get married.

Shakespeare develops this character from the start to the end.

Hero has shoulder length hair thats brown and curly. And always wears a dress. Hero is the beautiful young daughter of Leonato and the cousin of Beatrice. Hero is a person who loves claudio and her actions sometimes leads to bad because she is accused of sleeping with someone else before the wedding. "CLAUDIO I'll hold my mind, were she an Ethiope" (5.4.38).

Hero impacts the plot because of the whole situation with the sleeping with another person thing. Also when she and Claudio try and get her cousin and her ex boyfriend back together. Another thing is when she "died" and made Claudio feel bad for his actions.

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