TV impacts of the 50s and 60s

     During the 1950s and 1960s, television was the latest step into the future of technology.  The TV impacted everyone, no matter what age they were.  The importance of the TV is something that has gotten us to the point we are at today.  The TV had many social, economic, diplomatic, and political impacts to the people during this time period.

     Socially, the television brought people together.  Television shows gave people something to talk about and were great for family bonding.  TV also brought out a lot of stereotypes, such as what the "typical housewife" looked like.  In addition to this, advertisements were everywhere and now it was easier than ever for companies to lure consumers in that were eager to buy their products.

     Economically, and as I stated before, TV ads were improving the economy by sharing their products with a large range of people.  TV was the latest and greatest thing at the time and something every home had to have which also helped with the growing economic demand for the product.

     Politically, it was now easier than ever to see presidential candidates, such as the Kennedy vs. Nixon debate, on live television.  Now the president could communicate with American citizens and people felt much more connected because they were physically seeing the leader (or potential leader) of their country right before their eyes.  The new found popularity for television lead to more campaign commercials, interviews, and other TV related things to win the country over.  Americans could now learn more about issues such as Civil rights by watching Malcom X and MLK right on the TV

    Diplomatically, Americans were now able to feel connected with the rest of the world.  News made it easier to learn not only what was going on where you lived but anywhere in the world.  Other diplomatic things such as news on the Soviet Union and Cuba were able to be watched right on television.

     In conclusion, the TV brought things to Americans no one had ever imagined before.  The television brought together the nation and the world during the 50s and 60s and continues to do so today.  The importance it brought to these decades is a lesson we can still look into and appreciate.

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