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Colombia has a democratic party type system. There have been only three short lived military occupations in the country's history. There was a rise of drug cartels all over the place during, the 1980s the country was in a time of chaos and violence so there was not really a time of government during the 1980 and up to 1999 ,until 2002 when the presidency of Alvaro Uribe Velez  came up he had a two term presidency when his presidency was over a man named Juan Manual Santos came along he made a promise to all the colombian people that he will reduce the poverty and unemployment of Colombia.

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The economy of Colombia is hard because most of the income for the poor is selling drugs and for the few who try to go back to the field to sell the crops for a income fail because they cannot support the farm and there family. The national oil producing industry for Colombia had a boost when they found a oil reserve that has helped the economy of Colombia a little bit but, Colombia still has the third largest income gap in the western hemisphere

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The education in Colombia is fair to the education in the US. They have elementary school and middle school all the way up to collage. The people of Colombia have a good system little bit different from the american system closer to the Netherlands the government has signed a agreement that 10% of there national funds are going to the educational area half of the children of Colombia do graduate secondary school (highschool) and become successful.

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The military of Colombia officially called The Military Forces of Colombia has four main divisions they are The Colombian Army ,The Colombian Navy ,The Colombian Air Force and finally The Colombian Military Police The military forces of Colombia is one of the best ranked in latin america about 250,000 uniformed battle ready troops ready to go to war. They all have been either trained by american allies or by there own comrades.

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