"Summer of my German Soldier"

*To Be Loved*

"The Summer of my German Soldier" is one pf the best books I've read! This book is about a young girl named Patty Bergan who is just looking for somebody to accept her for who she is.

This is a picture of Patty in the general store that her parents owned.

1. Patty is not allowed to hang out with a little boy called Freddy because her dad her dad doesn't like him because he is poor.

2. Pattty finds out that Anton, a German soldier, escapes from prison.

This isn't the real picture of Anton, but its close enough!

3. Ruth was a maid in the Bergan's family and she practically raised Patty.

4. Patty was always severely abused by her father..;(

Picture of Patty's father bearing her...

5. Anton died in the middle of the story and Patty was devestated!

Not actuall picture pf Anton funeral. They didn't even have one for him.

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