Douglas Delaney of Bluffton / Hilton Head Island, SC: Aggressive and Efficient

Douglas Delaney of Bluffton / Hilton Head Island, SC is a dedicated attorney who is known for offering his clients sound counsel and legal direction regarding the state of their affairs. He is a future planning attorney who is dedicated to the areas known as estate planning, last wills, trusts, elder law, probate administration, tax planning, fiduciary or trustee representation charitable gifting, business formation, and asset protection strategies. His litigation experience means he is able to not only provide the planning, but back it up in court when necessary. He is currently serving as the head attorney for the private practice, Delaney Law Firm, PA. He started practicing in the Bluffton / Hilton Head Island area in 1996 and had an excellent reputation for being aggressive and efficient. In addition to his private practice, He is also the Managing Director and Founder of CHIRA USA, LLC. CHIRA USA, LLC, provides intellectual property guidance and education to highly qualified, top producing financial and insurance professionals related to the CHIRA USA, LLC charitable planned giving concept. CHIRA is a planning concept that helps create the ability for an individual to loan assets within their IRA for the benefit of charity with repayment funded by life insurance owned by the charity. Douglas Delaney received his law degree from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 1994 and has been practicing in the field ever since.

Douglas Delaney of Bluffton, SC understands that all future planning is different. Just like families differ from one another, so do their plans for the future. He believes in developing a unique and distinct plan for each individual client and their family. Due to his solid education and background in taxation law, he can even help families who are in debt or worried about being in debt in the near future. Douglas Delaney of Bluffton, SC understands that it is a tough economic time for many families, but he wants people to realize that recent tax laws provide a wealth of opportunities to provide for the future. With a smart, efficient plan, our families avoid dispute and save their legal fees for family activities. A good plan does not just limit itself to Last Wills, Trusts and Probate. A good Life Plan is holistic and is driven by clients’ facts, not the lawyer’s form.

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