Human Trafficking in The World

All over America and more people are being sold for sex in what is called human trafficking.  there are many cases of this and not much action is being put into what is happening.

there are many people that fall victim to human trafficking. As a result there is much money coming out of this. Because of this money there is more people going into this "business" for that money. the crowd of people that get money from trafficking are usually wealthy.  

The average age of people that are sold is 13. people that haven't even been able to live have already lost their freedoms because of trafficking.

There are many ways that human trafficking starts. there are laws and militias that allow it. It also gets a lot of income because of the amount of buyers. Its easy to cover up. the reasons why people don't stop this is because their scared of the ones in power or they don't know that it is even happening, even if its happening right under their noses.

The no slavery article in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that "under no circumstances should any person be put into slavery." The whole reason that this is being violated is because these people are being held against their will.  (universal deceleration of human rights, article 4 - no slavery)

Ways that these victims suffer is by physical trauma and mental trauma. They could be beat and held to starve so that they are weak and cant escape. and they also get the thought that everyone else in the world is the same way. It messes them up in many ways and they feel like the world is against them.

There are ways that you can try to end this violation. Protests and making organizations to stop trafficking. There are people all over the world trying to stop this and end trafficking for good. There needs to be world wide protests and laws that prohibit this  because of all of the lives that are being affected by this.

so lets make it extinct by acting now.


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