Smarter Science Calorimeters

By Kit and Korey (and kind of Cal)

                               What We Are Trying To Do

- We tried to see how much heat we could keep insulated in the water inside the Calorimeter.
- We expected to see a great amount of heat being insulated and for the water to stay warm for the full 10 minutes.
- All 3 tests increased in heat at constant rate.
- For each test, we used the same candle, the same height distance between the candle and the Calorimeter. We also used the same amount of water and the same can.
- The water gained a gradual amount of heat over the 10 minutes.

       How Could We Improve Our Results?!?!?!?1!!!!?!!

- We could try to lift the can up higher to see if that has any effect on how much heat is gained.

                                                 Our Results...

-The first picture was our first attempt at creating a Calorimeter.
-The second picture was our attempt at adding insulation in order to keep the water warmer.
-The final picture was when we took off a toque from the top of our Calorimeter which we believe in turn gave the flame more CO2 which generated more heat.


1st Graph: 5,542.68 Joules

2nd Graph: 6,604.4 Joules

3rd Graph: 9,049.7 Joules. IT'S OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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